Ordinary People Animation Royal Albatross Designs


To create understanding, not evoke sympathy – to let able-bodied people understand that people that have disabilities are Ordinary People, just with some extra challenges. To help able-bodied people understand and gain some new insights into an issue that they may not have been aware of. We aimed to create a mobile application, that would have the greatest impact if it used humour and entertainment to communicate the ideas, and educate the masses, along with an activation event, where people could experience go through the experience of being disabled through a Virtual Reality experience booth.


A mobile application was launched, along with a Virtual Reality booth that allowed people to experience what it was like to live with a disability.

The application was designed as a VR experience with Samsung VR Goggle. The first part of the VR experience was a game; that used different characters that represented various disabilities, the levels placed the user in similar circumstances that disabled students face in their daily lives. Once the user overcomes these challenges he/she progressed through ; thus learning more about disabilities.