We were tasked with the creation of a video commercial that introduces the public to the South African AdBlue brand; Siyanda Blue. They wanted a video that was under a minute long, that could showcase the brand’s identity and values to their target audience, as a business-to-business promotional video.

Siyanda Blue aims to be the leading ecological company in Africa, contributing to the elimination of all carbon emissions in Africa. They want to provide a natural, sustainable solution to each and every diesel vehicle and industrial machine in Africa, in doing so – saving the planet. This project consist of a launch for the Siyanda Blue brand, creating mailers for potential clients and informing the right people and media of the brand and its goals. The campaign ran with

the tagline For Bluer Skies, that asked the role players in fossil fuel industries: is a world with pollution and climate change the future that they want. We painted a hopeful vision of the future, and showed them what would happen if they acted now. Siyanda Blue is the way that forward for Bluer Skies. By using Siyanda Blue they can contribute to changing the world for the better.

The ad made over 1,2 million impressions on social media.