Five Roses Ballerina Editing


The superior blend of salon tea, ensures Five Roses’ uniquely smooth taste in golden colour, trusted and loved by many. The ad draws a parallel between the hard work and commitment to excellence that Five Roses puts into making the perfect cup of tea and the commitment to excellence that goes into being a ballerina. The link between luxury and beauty is explored. 

The beautiful and talented ballerina Kitty Phetla is the classically-trained ballerina that is stars in the new television advert. Kitty rose from humble beginnings to perform on both South African and international stages. She has choreographed several works as well as danced leading roles in ballets; most memorably The Dying Swan. The Five Roses ethos is conveyed through the ballerina’s strive for excellence. Always giving her best, because nobody makes better tea than you and Five Roses.


A television commercial was ran on prime time slots on SABC as well as a short behind the scenes look at the making of the commercial that was featured on the program Afternoon Express.