MK Musiek Kanaal

A TV ident is the little bit of video that plays a few seconds before a programme starts, informing the viewer of which channel they’re watching. A promotional sequence, it’s a critical part of a TV stations brand identity. Every major TV channel has one, this project was specifically for the South African Music channel – MK (Musiek Kanaal)


Before time began, they were watching…”

The idea of the existence of greater celestial powers outside of our own realm of understanding has fascinated and astounded humans for centuries.

The notion that we are not alone in this universe is not an unheard of theory. Throughout the great ancient civilizations, like Greece, Egypt and the Mayans, we still find traces of the fact that this was a common belief amongst the people. If this were true, would it not make sense that they might have visited us? Might have introduced some of their identities into our culture?