Mocha Chocolate 1



Introducing “Mocha Chocolate 1,” a powerful and captivating mixed media artwork that celebrates the beauty and grace of African heritage. This A2-sized painting realistically depicts a nude African woman, her presence both commanding and serene, her gaze thoughtfully drifting off to the side, capturing a moment of introspection and strength.

The subject’s rich, curly black hair frames her face, adding depth and texture to the portrait. Her skin, a beautiful mocha chocolate hue, is adorned with colored squares directly on her body, creating a striking contrast and adding a contemporary, abstract element to the traditional portrait.

The painting is further enhanced with vivid streaks of enamel paint in shades of navy, orange, and yellow. These bold, expressive strokes sweep across the canvas, bringing a dynamic energy to the artwork. The use of enamel adds a glossy, tactile quality to the piece, catching the light and drawing the eye.


“Mocha Chocolate 1” is an artwork that speaks volumes. It’s a celebration of identity, a nod to contemporary art, and a testament to the timeless beauty of African women. Perfect for art collectors, admirers of cultural beauty, or anyone looking to add a touch of elegance and meaning to their living space.


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